Painted For Kids
Four 8x10 canvas paintings.
Girls Hot pink and Gray Colors as shown. Just leave in drop box the Letter you want painted. Also comes in color Blue and gray for boys . $160.00 Set of 4 as shown.
Animal Celebrations

Type in box letter you want painted below
Than push submit bottom."One letter only "
Color Blue and Gray push submit bottom below
Color Hot Pink and Gray with glitter  push submit bottom below
Letter Celebration
8x10 Canvas Be sure to type letter and color in box   than submit
Letter Canvas $40.00
Glitter is only on Hot Pink and Gray Paintings
Please be advised all items that  are hand painted  may not be exactly the same we do our best to match what you see online.
Sample below you paint in the name
8x10 canvas You paint in the name
Playful And Colorful  $40.00