Happy  Flowers $20.00
White Coffee cup

            Artist And Founder of Delightfully U
Karla Cross
Fun Bugs, Delightful Rose, Arizona
Coffee cups $20.00 Each
Hand Painted Coffee Cups
The coffee cups are  painted with acrylic paints made for use on glass and porcelain. The cups  has been oven cured to set the paint.   Cleaning instructions  we recommend a gentle hand washing to preserve the beautiful design. Please do not let hand-painted cups stand in water for any length of time.

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Fun Bugs
White Coffee Cup
Delightful Rose
White Coffee Cup
White Coffee Cup
Juicy Grape 
White Coffee Cup $20.00
Red Sweet Apple
White Coffee Cup $20.00
Purple Wild Flower
White Coffee Cup $20.00
Playful Blue Bird
White Coffee Cup $20.00
Farm Rooster
White Coffee Cup $20.00
Sunflower Bloosm
Black Coffee Cup $20.00 Each
Photo shows each side of the cup.
Delightfully U Rose
Black Coffee Cup $20.00 each
Please be advised all items that  are hand painted per order. Each painting Mrs Cross does her best to match what you see online. No one painting is 100% the same.