Hostess Program 

      "Book a show  " You can choose the painting (Classes are  2  to  3 hours.).
2. You must  access to your own party area.
3. We provide all needed for class project (except bring your own canvas)
4. The class must have at least 5 students if less then 5 total payment is still $75.00
5. If you have 5 or more  the hostess painting is free! 
6. We would like the class to not exceed over 10 per class that way each person                can get help if needed. 
7. Cost per person is $15 non refunded unless the Art Teacher cancelled  than all pre       paid class would be refuneded 
8.  Any hold booking off hostess Art class hostess  recieves 10% off one item                      for sale on Delightfully U web site or gift for sale.
9.  We still honor our hostess that have under 7 students with a free gift. 

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