Frequent Asked Questions 
What is the price per person for the Art Class?
Our Art Classes are $20 per person age 13 and up, Classes are from 2 to 3 hours long. State sales tax will apply in cost to class. if booked online. Class must have 5 students or more. If class is less then 5 price for class total is still $80.00 
Hostess is free 

What is the price for Craft Classes ?
Craft Classes and Painting classes are same price. 

At what time should a student arrive to Class ?
15 to 25 minutes early before class starts 
Can a student bring a drink or snack?
Yes you may bring your own snack or drink. ( No alcoholic beverages unless its a private party and you must be 21 years old)  No smoking allowed in class. 

What  to wear?
What ever is comfortable and would be okay if you got paint on it. Ask some times we have old aprons available.
Does payment need to be paid before class
​No cash can be paid day of class. Correct cash only. 
What is  the refund policy?
A credit will be recorded for any student canceling with a 24 hour notice . No refund on payment unless  the class cancel for unforeseen circumstances. 
 If the teacher could not teach the class then only then will the payment be refunded. 
Does Delightfully U Hold Private Parties?
Yes contact us for more information . 

What age  does a student need to be to attend class?
Age 13 and up are welcome!! 
We have found that a child should be at least 7 years old. We recommend kids 7 to 12 years old take our  Colorful Youth Classes  created just for that age group. Plus we give a discount to kids 7 to 12 years old and the painting is designed more for that age group.   

What is a Colorful Youth Class ?
This class is for kids 7 to 12 years old. The price for each student is $15 per child. Class must have 5 students. If less then 5 total cost for class is still $75.00  State sales tax will apply in cost to class. 
Does a Class payment of $100 or more get a free gift?
No the free gift offer is for individuals placing an order by themselves of $100 or more. Not for a group payment of Art or Craft Class 
Can a student play music while taking the class?
No it would disrupt the class and all students need to hear instructions from the teacher. 
What is this pray after class thing all about.?
Mrs Cross  is a Christian and believes in the power of prayer. Send your prayer request to  newlife@delightfullyu.com  or give her a prayer request on paper after class. 
Mrs Cross will pray for you. 

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"Children under 12 Adult supervision is required "
How long does it take  to complete your order?
 Timing can vary based on complexity, but most orders are completed within 2-3 weeks after payment has been processed .  Please let us know your specific needs when you place your order...we do our best to accommodate your  order. 

Please be advised all items that  are hand painted  may not be exactly the same we do our best to match what you see online.