Prayer is the power and
open line of communication
to our savior.
A virtuous Woman
Proverbs: Chapter 31
Verse 10- 31
Nothing is  impossible with God.
Luke: Chapter 1 verse 37
Pray together  in the name of Jesus and he will be with you.
Matthew: Chapter 18 verse 20
(Blessed are the children)
For they are our gift from heaven.
Pray and seek.
Matthew: Chapter 7
verse 7 and 8
2016 All rights reserved Writer Karla Cross.
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Words of Love
Blessed is the family who pray together and give thanks.
    12 Principals Of Success For Everyone
1 God needs to be part of your life every day.   
2 Believe in yourself
3 Hold firm to the skills and values God has given you.
4 Knowledge is power seek wise council.
5 Never stop believing in your realistic goal.
6 Seek and follow your vision.
7 Model yourself as complete and successful.
8 Stand tall believing in your skills as leadership.
9 Bless others in your path of life.
10 Show others respect and gratitude, while expressing
strength of faith, love, joy and hope.
11 Be responsible and do what needs to be done, schedule your day.
12 Be thankful for your blessings and pass it along to others.
2010 All rights reserved Writer Karla Cross
Reading the bible helps guides you and help give you answers to questions in life. The more you learn the more you understand the stronger you become.
                 A Time To Relax
Look up and see the sky made for you and me.
Hear the birds sing the songs of glee.
Take in the cool crisp air and refresh your lungs.
Smile and know today has just begun.
Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun.
Smell a rose simple and sweet.
Now just relax and rest your feet.
     2010 All rights reserved Writer Karla Cross
Pets are a joy.
With love and respect you'll have a friend to the end. Let's all do what we can to care for them. Pets are a blessing.
Protect and love our little ones, they need us to care for them and guide them in a loving Christian way. Our children grow fast, they are grown before you know it. Put time aside and spend it with your family.
JOB chapter 5
verse 17
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth:
Therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:
Hard work makes some change. Prayer makes power to change. Faith makes hope.
God makes it possible.
Lord show me how to live each day you give me. Please help me to be the person you want me to be. Forgive me for all I have done wrong. Help me show others your love. Give me the wisdom I need to deal with problems. Lord please always hold me.
From Karla Cross Owner of Delightfully YOU
                    And Delightfully U LLC

Pray for others who hurt you or misjudge you. Count your blessings Jesus loves you and so does family and friends who do care. Live serving God the best you can. You get things right with God, God will fight your troubles. Let go Let God.
I've learned some amazing insight into life/love/relationships its become bittersweet. Through the pain others put me through I've become a stronger Christian and found my power of strength through Jesus. I lean on the word of the bible (God's Words) to take me through each day. I know God is bigger then any person. I know God loves me and I am a good person. I am not and will never claim to be perfect. I do have a hunger to live as God would want of me.
Try your best to be the child of God.

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Time and the years go so fast. Next thing you know your kids are all grown up, your older and wish you could have some of that time back.
Try your  best to not stress over money and bills. That will always be there. The time we spend with our family and kids is priceless. Stop to smell the roses before they are gone....
Hug your kids, spend time with them.
Time stops for no one.
God will provide serenity in time of conflict.
Only you and God controls who you are. It does not matter what others think or say. It only matters what God thinks of you. You are a child of God. You are royalty and very important. As the lord shed his blood for you he also shed his blood for me. No longer  allow others to stop your calling, hold you down. You are the child of the most high. Praise and sing to the king of kings.
Live with no regrets. Feel good about yourself and take charge.
Live with no regrets  
Owner Karla Cross
As Christians growing in the Lord guided by the holy spirit we continually are transforming. We need to transform and have a renewing of our mind with a deep inter change for a more complete walk with God in our life. God is the source of the change, we can not fix ourselves. Only God can change us from inside out. Deep change takes place in the transforming process that never ends until the Lord take us home. Keep yourself open to the holy spirit.
Romans Chapter 12
verse 2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ya may prove "What is that good, and acceptable  and perfect, will of God.
Psalms 41
verse 1
Blessed is he that considerth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.
11 Samuel
Chapter 22
Verse 2
The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer:
                             True Love
Love can be fine
Like a fine treasure wine
Love can be sweet and knock you off your feet
Love can be kind, yet true love is hard to find
Real love lasts the test of time
Just when you think you know love
It may fly away like a dove.
Love is what we all need
Love blossoms in time like a planted seed
Love can become unkind
Troubles and hurts we'll find
Yet again love will find a way back into our heart
even when apart.
Love is all we really need to feel happy and free
Real love has no game
Real love lasts the test of time.
Real love is forever sweet
Pure real love there is only one
Jesus is his name
(2011 All rights reserved Writer Karla Cross)
Everyone let me tell you a true story and a learned lesson. I used to have a friend who I put in my minds eye on a unrealistic pedestal. Now I realized that she is a normal person who has flaws. NO human should be on a pedestal. The only perfect one is JESUS. I too am not perfect but no one is above me any more. People may have more talent, be blessed with good looks but that does not make them better then you.
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray to the Lord my family to keep. May God always protect and guide us each and every day on what we do and say. I love my family in my heart even when apart. May I wake to a new day and live my life a better way. Show me Lord how to be more complete while I humble at your feet.
When you pray, utilize the power of the Blood of Christ. Pray, "I plead the Blood of Jesus over _______ (insert person or problem) and I ask the Holy Spirit to apply the power of the Blood of Jesus in Jesus' Name." It is a scripture-based way to pray and wage spritual warfare
Some thing to think about? What do you do to make your life better? Some of us work to pay the bills, some of us work at home cleaning, fixing dinner, caring for the kids, taking care of the home. Some of us go to college in high hopes of making more money for better income. One thing we all need to make every thing work together and in order is putting God as the center of our life. Going to church is like going to work or college or cleaning your home if it is a church that feeds your soul. How you ask? When we go to a good church teaching from the bible. It helps us live our life right and put our thinking and what we do in order. It helps us live our life better.
To be humble is to make your heart meek. It is a blessing if the Lord kicks us down if we hold our head too high. Never feel others are under you. Its okay to have certain standards set for yourself. Always remember just because someone may have more money, more wealth does not mean they are high and your are low. We all want nice things, and having wealth is good as long as you have money and mon...ey does not have you. Many work hard to get what they have, many are blessed. True wealth is not in material things are much as your inter feelings of yourself and how you live your life. Do you feel good about where your going when you die? Are you at peace with the Lord? We can't take our money with us. Live being blessed with what God has given you.
FACING THE GIANTS!!!!! Looking at self and reality can be a insight
not seen before. Then to change within yourself can be like facing the giants of yourself person. Discovering your own sin and confront the ugly within yourself. Its time to come before God and confess your sin and open yourself up to change. In life we must be determined to change. Know God will change and transform YOU.

Words of Encouragement