Colorful Youth Art Class
Age 7 years old to 12 years old 

What is a Colorful Youth Class?
This class is for kids 7 to 12 years old. The price for each student is $15 per student. 
 Delightfully U art class  colorful youth every thing  is provided for you except the canvas. Each child must
 bring their own canvas or paper will be provided.
  Karla brings all the brushes, paint, paper towel ,water containers  for the kids.
   Class is 2- 3 hours.   Your painting is  gift to yourself or give to a friend  "painted just by you!"   Each   class needs at least  5 students and no more then 10.  Karla likes to keep the class small so she can help each student with the painting.  If more sign up we can hold another class.  
   Pre pay is preferred pay by  business check , money order or cash the day class is held.  Sorry no personal checks. No refund ( Note if less then 5 show up for class price is still $75.00)
  Receipt will be given.             "Cash paid day of class must be correct amount "

Contact Us To Set up a Class
               Karla Cross
   Business owner of Delightfully U 
     Email us at :

     Phone number: 989-660 2080
Most Classes are held in Michigan.  We do travel and teach within the USA .
Call or check our schedule. 
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"Children art class Adult supervision is required "
"Children art class Adult supervision is required "