What is success? Many say its money, lots of it. Well, that is so far from the truth.
If that was true then why do you see so many rich people sad, doing drugs, broken marriage and more. Yes it is possible to have money and happiness but only if your focus is not on money alone. The old saying "money is the root of all evil"  is true. Its taken me ( owner of Delightfully U to realize this myself) for many years all I wanted was tons of money, I was thinking it could take care of all my problems. Now I realize I only want to have enough for our needs and realistic extras. I want Delightfully U to first support my family then my most highest dream it helps support others and their families too. I want to spread the Words of God to give hope and happiness. This world we live in can be very hard at times. It may not always be money. It could be health problems, or relationship problems. Through out the years I have learn true real success starts within yourself. First you need to love yourself before you can really show love to others. Then you need to have realistic goals and make a short term and 5 year plan for yourself. Each day you need guidance and hope,  I feel the bible or the good book can do that for you. You need to take care of You! Eat right, exercise, keep God in your life, have faith in you and what you can do. By helping others if it be small or big your really helping yourself feel better too. The saying" what you sow you shall reap" is true, in life what comes around goes around. Give and it will be given unto you. Its hard to do what's right. Life can kick us hard, so can other people. I know for me I need to continually keep focused on the word of God, and keep working on my attitude. So to sum it up Success does start with you. Money comes with work and faith.
Money is important to have and you can have tons of money as long as the money does not own you. You must be the one in control. Keep focus on the main things in life. God, family, health, wisdom and friends. then money. Success has nothing to do how much you own, how good you look, or what good you have done. True success is failure turn around for good. Don't look back at your mistakes, look forward how to make your life better.

Today many are worried about health and how to live a long happy life.
Delightfully U is a business that wants to give everyone good products at prices that are affordable. 

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What is success?
2015 All rights reserved Writer Karla Cross.
Delightfully U is A Christian Business
Delightfully U started out as a dream that is growing  in a reality beyond more then we can dream of.
We stand on the promises of God
(Luke 1: 37  For with God nothing shall be impossible.)
We stand on blind faith that this company is in the hands of the Lord.Jesus
We believe in the power of prayer
We believe in God and the words in the Bible.
We believe in humility. We need to be humble, for there is no one greater then God
We believe in listening
We believe in honesty
We believe in caring for others
We believe in Delightfully U business for it is guided by God, faith, and hard work.

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12 Principals Of Success For Everyone
1 God needs to be part of your life every day.   
2 Believe in yourself
3 Hold firm to the skills and values God has given you.
4 Knowledge is power seek wise council.
5 Never stop believing in your realistic goal.
6 Seek and follow your vision.
7 Model yourself as complete and successful.
8 Stand tall believing in your skills as leadership.
9 Bless others in your path of life.
10 Show others respect and gratitude, while expressing
strength of faith, love, joy and hope.
11 Be responsible and do what needs to be done, schedule your day.
12 Be thankful for your blessings and pass it along to others.
Delightfully You  Words of Encouragement
Work on a goal and believe in your ability. Keep faith in yourself and the power God has given you to achieve that goal. Road blocks my come, yet each day is a new beginning. Pray for guidance and keep the faith.
You are your own best friend, so don't let yourself down. Learn to reconnect within yourself to achieve to the best of your ability. Delight in what God created "YOU"
Do not look for approval of others, look for approval within yourself. Create a new thought process, be more connected to your life, your feelings. Own yourself, quit listening to the dialog of other people. Be confident in who you are. Show up as you. Work on yourself to be happy with yourself. Grow in failure to a better new life.
Be true to yourself. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Keep God in you life and heart. Know your not perfect, mistakes are a part of life, what matters is we learn from them. Each day is a new beginning. You can not please everyone, never will. Love them who love you, pray for the ones who hurt you and be true to YOU
Make a comment to follow your passion, believe in the power of God to help you. Find your personal self. Make your life a magical adventure every moment , every day with the brace of God. Don't sell out, believe in yourself.
My goal and direction in life is mine to choose with the guidance of the Lord. I try my best to accomplish my goals both small and large. I am the only person responsible for me and what I say and do. The battle of the mind to achieve the best of yourself is hard. Daily I turn to my Lord for submission of myself and handing over the control. The older I get the more I realize my life is his not mine.
Lily of the valley, lily in my mind. Lily your beauty is delightful and sweet. Calla Lily in my dreams. How I love the calla Lily so lovely and sweet. Calla Lily flower of mine, better then a fine wine. I look upon your beauty for just a short while then in time you fade away. Just like in life. We all hold on to the wonderful sweet moments before it too fades away.
     True Love
Love can be fine
Like a fine treasure wine
Love can be sweet and knock you off your feet
Love can be kind, yet true love is hard to find
Real love lasts the test of time
Just when you think you know love
It may fly away like a dove.
Love is what we all need
Love blossoms in time like a planted seed
Love can become unkind
Troubles and hurts we'll find
Yet again love will find a way back into our heart
even when apart.
Love is all we really need to feel happy and free
Real love has no game
Real love lasts the test of time.
Real love is forever sweet
Pure real love there is only one
Jesus is his name
(2011 All rights reserved Writer Karla Cross)
No Human is above you. NO ONE!
Everyone let me tell you a true story and a learned lesson. I used to have a friend who I put in my minds eye on a unrealistic pedestal. Now I realized that she is a normal person who has flaws. NO human should be on a pedestal. The only perfect one is JESUS. I too am not perfect but no one is above me any more. People may have more talent, be blessed with good looks  or more money but that does not make them better then you.

Take the shame out of your life, see it as growth. See the good for yourself. Work on negative areas like your anger, attitude ,running your mouth, the total you. Get inspiration in action. Be all you can be in a positive outlook.  Be confident .
Move on or life will pass you. Change or die slowly. Smile and keep faith or be sad and alone. Pray and play or be lost and unhappy. Life is short, so live while you can. You got now so make the best of it. Be happy to be alive.

Change your life to a new path. Change makes a new life. If you’re not happy find a way to feel better that is good. We only have this one life. Do not waste it.

Wow, its funny how life goes on day after day then like a light switch, IN seconds you Findlay see the light. Insight can be a very powerful change in ones life. It’S like you have been eating junk food and it’s been pulling you down plus it’s not healthy for you either. Then you change what you take in anymore, how you look at things and how you’re going to live. Change can be like getting a new start and new life.
It’s a delight to see things right, again let go and let God.

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Let the old ways go
Many times in life we keep going down the same road and nothing changes. Its real hard to let go of some  things you worked so hard for. Its not easy to change. If what you do is not the result you want then change is needed. You don't have to give up on your dreams just try doing some thing different and come back to it again later. Make plans to archive your goal. Doing the same thing ends up with the same result. Look at your situation in a real light. In life we may need to walk away or step back to get a better over all view of our life or situation. Never give up just take another look, view things in a different light.
In the end turn to the one who is has been waiting for you to ask.
Call upon Jesus to guide you in the right path in life.
Getting ready for the crazy ride in life. Thank goodness I don't have to worry too much. I am not doing the driving, I do not have the plan. I am not the boss. I am here to obey, live the best I know how, and live on blind faith. "Jesus is in control". So glad I fellow him or I would be real scared, lost and no peace. All is good for those who understand the truth, know where to find strength and look not at what we see only at what we know. Good to be saved. I am going to make the best of what is about to happen and know God will make every thing okay.
To be humble is to make your heart meek. It is a blessing if the Lord kicks us down if we hold our head too high. Never feel others are under you. Its okay to have certain standards set for yourself. Always remember just because someone may have more money, more wealth does not mean they are high and your are low. We all want nice things, and having wealth is good as long as you have money and money does not have you. Many work hard to get what they have, many are blessed. True wealth is not in material things are much as your inter feelings of yourself and how you live your life. Do you feel good about where your going when you die? Are you at peace with the Lord? We can't take our money with us. Live being blessed with what God has given you.
Learning to be Humble in life
I know how Great I am
I know how great I am because how I lived and what I’ve been through yet I keep going.
I know the heart pain of losing a loved one or friends. I know how it feels to touch death then given life again with my heart attack my and barbaric surgery that almost took my life. I know how it feels to be judged wrong and hurt by words that cut like a knife from some people I loved or looked up too.  In time God made it right but it took years. I know how it feels to see my children go through things that hurt them and I can’t do anything to help but pray. I know how it feels to see ones I love suffer and all I can do is pray and help them the best I can. I know how it feels to fight so hard to just lose. Then have to fight again. I know how it feels to love and not be loved back.
I know how it feels to work so hard for many years, spend a lot of money and long hours with very little sleep in a business then to realize I had to let it go and do something else. I know how it feels to have something good in life then one day lose it. I know how it feels to go to college finish then my health would not allow me to do what I went to college for. I know how it feels to be poor and then Rich then poor again.  I’ve learned in life what being rich really means.  Money does not give you real happiness.  It makes life a little easier but real happiness starts within yourself. I am great because God made me a winner, only people make themselves losers. It’s up to us to be the best we can be. Find real love and strength in the Lord.
I am great because God made me that way!

The older I get the more I realize life is not always the way you plan it to be. Just when you think you figured  it out and how you want to live, life has a way of changing the path you take. I now realize I just live the best I am able. I live on a prayer and have faith in God to take care of things I can not. Life is a game and how we play it does affect the turn out in the end. So again I just enjoy today and know tomorrow is not certain. Good thing I know the Lord is taking care of things for me. 

The words of a poor man who won the lottery
The words of a Poor man that won the lottery. What he had to say:
The future hold promising horizons. The actions of some few is almost a certainly . Being true to yourself takes strong will. Not buying into sugar coded sod stories for a hand out.. Ones income is their doing to please. Just because you know me or us does not mean you too get a part of our pie. "Its our nest egg", its our decision what we give after we take care of us and how we write up our will.. How we would love to give to all we know to make things good for you. Would you really do the same? True love, true family, true friends will become clear. How money changes ones so near, sad yet true. In God we trust, in faith we live with guidance of our Lord. So sorry you may think I am wrong. Does it really matter. Your not my God. I do not answer to you. Before we stood on the same ground. Now will you really let money change what was once before. You get to choose.
.Looking Back
Looking back as the years go. I realize how bitter sweet its been. How very important it is to be true to yourself. Walk with the Lord each and every day. Realize its you and Lord in this life. Don't relay on man lean on the Lord. Keep strong within yourself
FACING THE GIANTS!!!!! Looking at self and reality can be a insight
not seen before. Then to change within yourself can be like facing the giants of yourself person. Discovering your own sin and confront the ugly within yourself. Its time to come before God and confess your sin and open yourself up to change. In life we must be determined to change. Know God will change and transform YOU.

Facing The Giants
Doing my best I can for today. Working on the fields of life for the harvest to come in one day. Counting my blessing for I know the Lord carries the heavy weight. Starting my day with prayer, ending it with a smile. Today is okay but tomorrow is better.

Doing My Best
Fake it until you make it

In life if it be your health, a job, a career what ever. You need to live like you are already doing your goal in life. Think positive, look positive ( stand in a power pose). Do not except things as it appears to be. Think, plan, work at what you want in life. Be happy where your at yet do not give up on your realistic  goal.
Fake  it until you make it. Dance until you feel better. Smile when you want to cry. Pray until you feel better. Hope in faith and believe in what you can not see yet. Live in love and give love. Let the past go and live for today and for what is yet to come. Keep Jesus in your heart.  " Live"
Reality Of Age
Looking in the mirror I see how fast the year fly on bye.  My age has become clear. At times my eyes fill with tears. Memories of the kids so young and the joy of  happy times. Dear Lord what is your plan for me now? The kids have grown and have kids of their own.
How I love my family and friends. The joy I have of getting hugs from the little ones,  seeing smiles from my loved ones. Its so peaceful to now see the beauty of life that is free. I take photo's of flowers and tree's. I paint when the feeling comes to me filling me with peace and a since of accomplishment.
    So many years have come and gone so fast. My mind is still strong yet my body I have to push along. At times I can't sleep knowing so much I need to do. The problem is my body can't do what it used too. Now each day I do my best to see the blessings God gives me. I try to hold on to life, joy and peace. At my age the wisdom of knowing how short life can be  I do my best to get my rest.  Now that my life has slowed down I can see the simple beauty  I didn't see before. Looking back at the good and bad times I can say I did okay. I tried my best and in the hard times the Lord would hold and carry me through the rest. All my hopes and dreams did not come true. Some successful times made up for the times I failed. Now I live just making each day the best I can.  I wake up to a cup of coffee and set time aside to read a few verses from the bible to start my day. Chores and goals are still part of my life. I know now how fast the time and years fly so I do my best to smile and not cry. I have today living and being alive. Tomorrow is not a promise only a hope.  Life is being alive, enjoying what you have. I pray for the joys of today and tomorrow. Live, laugh, love, pray and play.  Each day I do my best to smile standing on blind faith. Living today until the Lord takes me home.